The Wonderful World of Disney Fireworks

Posted on March 29, 2015

When it comes to fireworks nowhere quite does them like the Disney resorts! Whether you are in California, Florida, Tokyo or Paris you will be in for a jaw dropping firework display which goes off every single night.

Whether you simply watch a video of it online or are lucky enough to be there in person to witness one of these displays, they are certainly something else to watch! The amount of colourful explosions and precise timing to classic Disney songs along with projection of images onto the castle is a combination that is mesmerising no matter what age you are!

We have found some interesting facts about the firework display ‘Wishes’ which can be seen at Lake Buena Vista in Florida; let us know if you know anymore!

* The running time of the display is approximately 12 minutes

* There are 557 firework cues

* An incredible 683 individual pieces of pyrotechnics which create the show

* They boast pyrotechnic effects that haven’t been seen at any other Disney theme park.

* The display contains snippets of 15 classic Disney songs taken from 10 films including Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Hercules and more.

* This show has been running since October 2003 which replaced ‘Fantasy in the Sky’ which had premiered 1976.

* No-one knows the exact cost of the fireworks but there have been estimates that the show costs £30,000 a night!

Something which we are excited to witness for ourselves is how Disney’s last major hit film Frozen will work its way into the firework displays. When Frozen 2 is released they will have even more material to use too!

We were thrilled when we had the chance to celebrate the worldwide phenomenon by creating our very own Disney tribute: a choreographed firework display to the famous ‘Let It Go’.