Sausage rockets & cool ideas to make your fireworks party go with a bang!

Posted on April 1, 2015

Who doesn’t love to watch a beautiful firework display shoot off in the sky, plus if you are having these at a party or event why not take your love for pyrotechnics even further? We have found some fantastic food and drink ideas all inspired by fireworks!

Start with a bang!
First off we found these cute little appetisers thanks to Annabel Karmel – sausage rockets! All you need is some wooden skewers, cocktail sausages and some peppers. Put 2-3 party sausages on the sticks and then cut out triangle shapes from red and yellow peppers, stick these on the end for the tip of the rocket and voila! You can even heat the sausages with a glaze if you want to make them fancy; simply follow the recipe on the page.

Cool cocktail
Layering drinks is one of the fun parts to creating a cocktail, and this tasty tipple will end up looking like a roman candle! All you need is some vodka, cranberry juice, grenadine and blue curacao. Put the vodka, cranberry juice and grenadine in a shaker to mix them up, then pour in a glass. Get the blue curacao and pour down the side of the glass so it settles at the bottom to create the separate layers then simply serve and enjoy (responsibly!).

Something sweet
A party is not complete without some cake of course, and there are so many impressive designs which replicate fireworks that it was tough choosing one to showcase. The ones that we went for are so easy to put together and look brilliant! Simply bake 3 deep cakes (add different food colouring to each of your choice), then cut out cylinders of each cake and stack on top of each other with buttercream between each layer so they stick (and are even more tasty!). You can even add in some popping candy in the middle of each if you want like on the recipe from Sheknows. Stick some liquorice in the top to look like the wick of the firework and dish up!