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15 Minute Bundle – £1055

RRP £1110, Our Price £1055 (Save £55!)


Every second counts in our fireworks, these packs will ensure you have your desired amount of action in the sky! We base our time packs off of how many seconds the effects are happening, time taken between fireworks to light each one will extend the full duration of the pack.

Our 15-minute pack is stuffed full with 21 fireworks, 5 being ‘display in a box’ and almost 1000 shots, a super jam-packed 15 minutes!

Check out our videos to take a look at what fireworks are included in this bundle.

Further details

Fireworks in this pack require a minimum of 25 metres viewing distance and all have a fanned firing pattern.

We reserve the right to substitute any firework in this pack with a suitable alternative.

This package comes with FREE DELIVERY and a FREE FIRING ORDER. Any orders over £500 come with FREE TRAINING and RISK ASSESSMENT.

For any further information please get in touch, email us at: [email protected] or call us on 0800 511 511.

or call us on 0800 511 511

Your package includes:

  • Fireworks Bundle
  • Firing Order
  • Free Delivery
  • Telephone Support
  • Free Training

Frequently Asked Questions

No licence is required, and we provide you with training.

All our fireworks carry £10 million of product liability insurance. Depending on your organisation's status e.g., a school, you may need to take out event insurance as well. If you need further information we're here to help.

Ideally, for an event attracting 500-1000 spectators you need a space the equivalent of two football pitches. Most school playing fields have the right amount of space.