Planning a Christmas Lights event? Switch on with a laser light show

Posted on August 10, 2023

Our exciting new hybrid Christmas Lights shows combine the best of both worlds, magical laser displays and no-noise pyrotechnics, accompanied by flames, sparks and even snow! Watch our video and see how it all comes together in a visual feast of sound and colour. Kids especially love our snow machine as it pumps out a blizzard of harmless soap suds! Where possible we like to add no-noise pyrotechnics like fountains and candles, just to add that extra bit of razzamatazz. When pyro is not possible, our new ‘cold spark’ sparkulars jet up plumes of silver sparkles that are completely cold to the touch. No fire or burn hazards! This year we’ll be adding bubbles to the festivities, to give our shows a bigger blow. We can also do projections with logos or customised messages like Merry Christmas. If you would like to know more, please call 0845 272 3550, email [email protected] or visit our laser display pages.