Sparkular cold spark effects are the biggest development in fireworks for decades. They are set to revolutionise the way displays are staged and watched. They are fireworks without the fire. They produce sparks with such a low temperature that you can put your hands in them and feel nothing! This makes them ideal for events […] Read more


Our artificial snow looks the real deal. Pumped from our super powerful snow machine, it looks best when sprayed from a height of about 3 metres, producing the blizzard you see here. Especially effective when combined with flames. Read more


Searchlights, spotlights, uplighters and projections are all in our lighting  locker. They bring cost effective points of interest to events such as Christmas Lights switch-ons and illuminating historic buildings or landmarks. We have four types of lighting: Skytracker Searchlight: With its multi beams sweeping across the night sky, Skytacker provides a relatively cheap and cost effective […] Read more


Illuminated water fountains, often known as dancing waters, make a colourful spectacle for your Christmas Lights switch-on. They produce jets of coloured water which ‘dance’ in time to a music soundtrack. They are vey easy to set up and install, coming in troughs some 30ft long which are then filled with water. A series of […] Read more

Flame Shows

Flame shows are a brilliant way to add some fiery razzmatazz to your event. Sending plumes of fire 5 metres into the sky, our flames system utlilises up to 7 flame heads all programmed to ‘dance’ in time to a music soundtrack. They look great on their own, or with lasers and fireworks. Have a […] Read more

Laser Shows

Indoors or out Laserfire has a range of laser shows suitable for your event. Our outdoor multi-colour lasers will project images on to buildings, trees or any solid object. Aided by smoke, either from our own smoke generators or from a separate outdoor entertainment like fireworks, its beams can also become a focal point on […] Read more