Fireworks in France, Europe and beyond

Posted on February 6, 2017

As an international firework company we are often asked to put on professional fireworks displays in France, Europe and beyond.

Our most exotic overseas commission was a display in the Maldives where we followed the late, great George Michael to take centre stage at a celebrity birthday party. Here the fireworks had to be shipped in from Singapore – the nearest country with sufficient supply – and our crew were flown in from the UK. We all had to dress up in local costume to blend in with the staff! An amazing night we’ll always remember.

For displays in Europe we partner a local fireworks company to take care of all the aspects of the display requiring local knowledge like permits and legal compliance.

You’d be surprised by how many regulations have to be complied with in a country like France. Unlike the UK it is mandatory for all French firework operators to have a training qualification. All displays have to be notified to the Town Hall (the Mairie) and the Fire Brigade and a licence obtained. On top of that there is an environmental tax on all displays taking place on water, levied to pay for a patrolling boat to clear any debris.

Here we team up with the international award-winning company Féerie, who are based in Nantes. Whether it’s a barge fireworks display in St Jean Cap Ferrat or a land-based display at a picturesque chateau, they will do all the paperwork and supply crew and kit for the display.

In this way we are able to keep transport & crew costs down while providing our clients with a first class display created in the UK. It’s also worth noting that many of our clients book us because they want the assurance of someone they know and trust being there on the night to make sure everything goes smoothly.

For fireworks in France, Europe and beyond, call us on 01582 485555 or email [email protected]