Add extra sparkle with a Christmas Lights Firework Display

Posted on April 14, 2017

If you thought you couldn’t have a Christmas Lights Firework Display think again! Fantastic Fireworks has developed an amazing new show especially designed for town centres and tights spaces. It combines fireworks, music, lights and lasers in a sparkling spectacle of colour and special effects.

And by using the latest zero fall-out fireworks spectators can be as near as 15 metres and watch in complete safety. 

Christmas is the most magical time of year when people come together to share the exciting moment when the whole town lights up.  As lovely as it all is, a lot of thought and preparations go into these events and it can sometimes be difficult to top the year before or come up with unique concepts.

This is where our new Christmas Lights Firework + Laser Show pushes all the right buttons.

As the leading fireworks display company working on professional firework displays across the UK we know that nearly half of the country’s Christmas lights events include fireworks. Not only do they add excitement and complement the sparkling lights, but they are often choreographed to a festive soundtrack. What’s better than watching the night sky filled with vibrant colours and singing along to Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!

All you need is the space to fire them safely. And now you have it!

Our experience also tells us that including fireworks is highly likely to boost event attendance to your Christmas lights event.

Laser shows

Laser light displays are a fantastic way of incorporating additional bright colours to the event. Pioneering firework companies in the UK know that laser firework shows are a brilliant way of enhancing fireworks displays. On their own or combined with fireworks as shown in our video, lasers add a new dimension to the spectacle. We can also provide a variety of beautiful moving colours to light up buildings or pierce the sky.

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