Rooftop fireworks

When there is not enough space on the ground, the only way is up. We have staged fireworks on some of the best known buildings in the country, from Hatfield House to the tower of Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. Fire is the biggest and most obvious risk so we can leave nothing to chance. `first […] Read more

Quiet Fireworks – Silent Fireworks

If you’re looking for a fireworks company specialising in quiet fireworks we can promise a truly spectacular display without the bangs! Read more

Ashes & Memorial Fireworks

Our first request for an ashes fireworks display came more than 25 years ago. Since then such displays have grown in popularity as a way of celebrating the life of a loved one. We will handle your request sensitively & with respect. We will plan the display you want and place your loved one’s ashes […] Read more

Daylight Fireworks

Sounds like a contradiction in terms but you really can enjoy all the fun and excitement of fireworks in broad daylight! So if you are looking for some razzmatazz to brighten up your daytime event, try our daylight fireworks! You’ll be amazed by the trails of coloured smoke and earbashing thunderclaps that will make your […] Read more

Fireworks Overseas

We are often asked if we can put on a display abroad. The answer is yes. Our most recent example was a show on Lake Geneva in Switzerland for a Chinese telecomms company. To save on labour and transport costs we’ll usually link up with one of our many fireworks partners in Europe, the Americas and Far […] Read more

The War of the Worlds

We have been working for more than 25 years with the world renowned composer Jeff Wayne, developing his musical version of The War of the Worlds as a unique fireworks, music and special effects spectacular . Our latest production, staged at Drayton Manor Park and Windsor Racecourse, won the 2016 Event Production Awards ‘Best Visual Spectacular’category. […] Read more

Warhorse – the fireworks display

Introducing another of our unique and magical fireworks productions. Our ground-breaking adaptation of Warhorse, with a narration by the actor Robert Powell, was created for the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War. Fireworks and horses don’t usually make good stable-mates so we were hugely proud to bring them successfully together in our production of […] Read more

Fireworks on the Thames

Fireworks on the Thames are a rare sight these days. In Central London down to Tower Bridge and beyond, the Port of London Authority have restricted them to just two –  New Year’s Eve and the Lord Mayor’s Show. However they are permitted further downriver by the O2 at Canary wharf and upriver beyond Lambeth […] Read more

Lumina the Laser Violinist

If you are looking for something completely different how about this: Lumina the Laser Violinist. Combining electrifying music with piercing laser beams and fantastic fireworks, Lumina is a unique act that would be the star turn at any party. Watch these amazing video highlights. Read more