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Bonfire Night Fireworks

Dark evenings, damp skies and the glow of a thousand bonfires are all part of what makes the annual Bonfire Night fireworks display such a firm fixture in our cultural calendar. When Guy Fawkes was discovered with 36 barrels of gunpowder in the Houses of Parliament on the 5th of November 1605, he could never have imagined that his name and the date would live on to become second only to Christmas as the most celebrated on the calendar.

At Fantastic Fireworks we are proud to be at the hub of the nation’s celebrations. We cater for every Guy Fawkes party, from large-scale public events to the village green. Although demand often outstrips supply on key dates we will do our utmost to accommodate your event. Have a look at this typical bonfire night display which captures the spirit of the event.

As fireworks are the main attraction we recommend a duration of between 15 and 20 minutes, with or without music. Having music requires a PA system but it also enables organisers to promote the event around a theme. We have a whole library of music themes, including Movies, SciFi, Cartoons, Supernatural, Classical and Popular. Please call us and we’ll be pleased to discuss your ideas.

We make organising a bonfire night fireworks display easy. We’ll survey your site, meet you to discuss ideas and suggest music choices. We’ll design the show to your budget, provide a risk assessment if required, and take care of any paperwork including any local permissions. On the day we’ll arrive in good time, set up your display and be ready to fire it when you tell us. Please note that there is an 11pm curfew on fireworks displays in the UK except on November 5th, New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Call us on 01582 485555 or email info@fantasticfireworks.co.uk to find out how we can make your Bonfire Night fireworks party go with a bang.

We also offer fireworks for sale to anyone wishing to set off their own display at home.

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Recommended Duration

15-20 Min

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Supersize your Bonfire Night fireworks display and add some extra glamour to the proceedings with our exciting extras:

Something Else? Bonfire Night Fireworks

Bonfire Start

Start your Bonfire with a flash and a bang using our exclusive Bonfire Start gizmo. Packed with crackers and flares, all it takes is the press of a button and it crackles into action.

Add Music to your Fireworks Display

Add Music

Set your display to one of our foot-tapping musical soundtracks

Add Lights to you Fireworks Display

Add a Searchlight

Add a sky-piercing Space Flower searchlight to grab attention

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We go to great lengths to make sure you go home with lasting memories, but don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our happy clients love about Fantastic Fireworks:

Simply the best

“It has been an inspiration to work with Fantastic Fireworks over what is probably 25 years of Bonfire Night displays at Himley Hall. Your enthusiasm for entertaining audiences with ‘simply the best’ in fireworks as well as the accompanying soundtracks have helped ensure that you are the leading team in firework entertainment.  It is very easy for a company to impress a client the first time, but to continually impress year on year indicates the quality of your staff and yourself.  The shows you have created for us have genuinely lived up to your company name!”

Sally Newell, Senior Events Officer, Dudley MBC.

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Arranging a display

Our Top 10 tips for making your fireworks event run smoothly

No.  No licence or permit is required in the UK unless it’s in a public place. However we always advise that you let neighbours and owners of pets and livestock know the date and time of your display.

Not if it’s a private event. All Fantastic Fireworks displays are covered by our own insurance. For public displays event insurance is required.

For 2015 we carry £10 million as standard.

We create professional tailor-made fireworks displays for all occasions and to suit all budgets. Check out our packages for a display that will spark your interest.

Something Else? Quiet Fireworks

Quiet Fireworks

We understand that fireworks can cause a disturbance to neighbours and to owners of pets and livestock, which is why we have brought out a range of quiet fireworks. We work with many leading venues where noise is an issue and our many years of experience and professionalism assures them that we can be trusted to keep the peace! Watch this video testimonial from Knebworth House.

Something Else? Wedding Fireworks

Wedding Fireworks

Every bride dreams of having a fireworks display at her wedding. We make the dream come true! Organising your wedding fireworks may seem a daunting task but we make it easy. We take care of everything so you can sit back and enjoy the special moment you’ve always dreamed of. Like to know more? Have a look at all the beautiful wedding fireworks displays in our video showreel and tell us which ones you like. Click on the link to view.

Not Sure what you Need?

Not Sure what you Need?

Check out our full list of fireworks display genres here. We cater for every occasion and every situation, from the rooftop of a new building launch to a Proms in the Park concert firing to live music. We also offer fireworks for sale online where you can choose from a wide range of spectacular fireworks for home use.

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