You’re invited to our long hot summer of music and fireworks!

Summer Prom and open-air concert fireworks are growing in popularity and as the leading UK firework company we’d love you to come and see one of the exciting music and firework shows we’ll be staging. We’ll be lighting up the sky at some of the year’s biggest music and firework events. The fun starts on […] Read more

Watch our latest newscast

The leading UK firework company brings you all the latest developments and news in the world of fireworks, including daylight fireworks. Read more

Hola! It’s daylight fireworks!

As the UK’s trend-setting fireworks company our scouts have been out in Spain researching the latest fashion in fireworks. And guess what! It’s not your traditional night time displays which caught their eye but, wait for it, daylight fireworks! It sounds like a contradiction in terms, we know, but you really can enjoy all the […] Read more

From the Lost Gardens of Heligan to Viking York it’s been a fab Feb!

It’s been the busiest ever February for the UK’s most in-demand fireworks company. A theatre launch, an events convention, a wedding, a birthday party, a memorial and an international festival made it a manic month for our designers and firing teams. We started at Fowey in Cornwall with a surprise firework party for a client […] Read more

Midnight in Moscow means an early night for Edwina’s oldies!

As one of the UK’s leading New Year’s Eve firework companies we’re often asked to stage firework displays to celebrate the midnight moment. Last New Year’s Eve we were delighted to get a booking from the well-known broadcaster and former politician Edwina Currie. But this wasn’t the conventional midnight celebration we were expecting. As Edwina explained, […] Read more

Christmas fireworks,, stars in the East & up for more awards

Here is the latest news from Fantastic Fireworks The big Christmas switch-on goes with a bang Can you put on a display tonight? Yes we can! Stars in the East Up for more awards   As the UK’s leading fireworks company we helped towns and cities across the UK switch on their Christmas lights with […] Read more

Choc & Awe!

Here is the latest news from Fantastic Fireworks, the UK firework company where we make you look amazing. If you like chocolate, then Windsor Racecourse was the place to be last weekend. Characters from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory handed out more than 5000 Yorkie bars and Kitkats to tie in with our unique fireworks […] Read more

Congratulations! You’ve done it again!

As the UK’s most innovative and creative firework company Birmingham’s Drayton Manor Park is our showcase. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the firework season than the three super displays which lit up the West Midlands theme park.  Choreographed to a movie soundtrack featuring favourite sci-fi and comic book superheroes our Sky-Fi […] Read more

Introducing our big new number!

Firework technology is improving all the time and we are proud to be at the cutting edge. Our latest acquisition is a brand new system of launching words and numbers into the sky. Until recently the only way to do this was a static frame displaying a name or message. Now, thanks to a new […] Read more

Celebrating 50 Years of Foster & Partners, international architects

As the leading UK and London fireworks company we were honoured and thrilled to be appointed fireworks display contractors for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the world renowned architects Foster & Partners. It took place on the Thames by the Foster HQ at Battersea. Lord Foster, who as Norman Foster founded the company in 1967 […] Read more

Lighting up London for a 50th birthday

From the leading UK fireworks company all the latest news. Lighting up London for a 50th birthday Making the Proms go with a bang More 5 star ratings! Get ready for Charlie & the Fireworks Factory! One of London’s most prestigious events will be taking place this week and we’ll be there to provide the […] Read more

Quiet fireworks spark a 5-star rating!

As the leading UK firework company specialising in quiet fireworks we were delighted to provide an extra special finale for wedding fireworks in Wiltshire. With a venue where only quiet fireworks could be used we lit up the sky with a stunning combination of lasers, flames and fireworks. The bride’s father, Rod Allan of Caravatti […] Read more