Planning VE Day fireworks? We can help

It will be the biggest event of the decade. No, not Brexit! We’re talking about this year’s 75th anniversary celebration of VE Day. From a Friday May 8th until Sunday May 10th the streets of Britain will be alive with parties, music and fireworks. When VE Day dawns on 8th May it will be 75 […] Read more

The night we set the trend for London’s New Year fireworks

London New Year fireworks are among the most spectacular in the world. And as the leading UK fireworks company we can lay claim to have started them. Flashback to 1997 when we staged the capital’s first ever New Year’s Eve fireworks display. The show originated when we decided the capital should be celebrating New Year […] Read more

Here are the firework football results. Premier League. Fantastic Fireworks 6, The Weather 0

It was one of the wettest and windiest Bonfire Night weeks fireworks companies have ever experienced.  But to the credit of our teams, while shows everywhere else were being cancelled, ours all went ahead as planned. In football terms it was Fantastic Fireworks 6, The Weather 0. Well that’s how we’d like to think Charlotte […] Read more

The carbon footprint of fireworks

As firework companies prepare for Bonfire Night we’ve been taking a closer look at the environmental impact of fireworks. With CO2 emissions in the spotlight we have examined the carbon footprint of a typical fireworks display. An average November 5th display will contain about 35kg of gunpowder (NEQ). When combusted this will produce about 17kg […] Read more

5-Star show for Cornish cricket champs

So we lost the Ashes but in Penzance they were dancing in the streets. Cornwall’s newly crowned cricket champions were having a party and they turned to another winning team to help them celebrate. They handed us the ball and we bowled them over! As double winners of the British Fireworks Championship and leading UK […] Read more

August blows us out of the water!

A professional firework company should always be prepared for any eventuality. In a rubbish summer like the one we’re experiencing this year rain and wind are just some of the hazards we’re ready for. But high seas and foaming waves are not something we’re used to and this is where accurate weather forecasts are invaluable. […] Read more

You’ll be over the moon with our new space spectacular!

Firework companies have the perfect theme to light up the sky this year – the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. We are proud to be among the first to celebrate this historic occasion by offering it to fireworks display organisers as a spectacular pyromusical . It was 50 years ago this month that Neil […] Read more

How Bunny the whippet brought Brainiac bang up to date!

As the UK’s leading fireworks display organiser we love to be top dog. But when we hired Bunny the whippet to make a promotional video, she really did give us a run for our money! It all started about 10 years ago in a tv show called Brainiac. Richard Hammond, of Top Gear fame, lined […] Read more

All fired up for the summer’s hottest fireworks!

As official fireworks display organiser for Warwick Castle we’re thrilled to be back there again this summer. We’ll be in action in an extended season of their acclaimed show Dragon Slayer. With its Game of Thrones-themed story of an epic battle between man and beast, brought dramatically to life with brilliant projections, flames and fireworks, […] Read more

After Notre Dame will displays like this ever be seen again?

The shocking sight of the conflagration at Notre Dame is a stark reminder of the dangers of fire. All the more amazing then that only a few years ago we were atop two of the UK’s most famous cathedrals rigging a massive fireworks display. The occasion was the 800th birthday of the City of Liverpool […] Read more

An exclusive premiere with the UK’s top young composer

As the UK’s most creative fireworks company we were thrilled to team up this month with the UK’s most talented young composer for an exclusive premiere of his latest composition. Tom Player has worked with such music giants as Hans Zimmer and is rapidly making a name for himself in the field of games and […] Read more

The New Year fireworks that sparked gang warfare in hit tv series My Brilliant Friend

As all eyes turn to new year’s eve fireworks, one of the highlights of the festive season was Sky Atlantic’s series My Brilliant Friend, based on the novel by the Italian writer Elena Ferrante. If you missed it, you missed a cracker, especially the scene in which warring gangs turn the sky red in a […] Read more