Our garden party raises £500 for hospice

A big well done to the organisers and an even bigger thank-you to everyone who supported our summer garden party. Rocket Park was festooned with colourful bunting and an archway of balloons created by our cheerleaders Hayley & Kate. Meanwhile Tom’s countless hours of sawing, nailing and painting produced a fantastic range of stalls including a coconut […] Read more

An Invitation to the FF Summer Garden Party!

Fantastic Fireworks will be hosting a Summer Garden Party on Saturday 14th August 2010 in aid of Keech Hospice Care – and we would love for our wonderful Firers and friends of FF to join us! Among the attractions will be the ‘Brocade Bar & Grill’, a Bouncy Castle, Cake & Home Produce stalls, a […] Read more

Sunshine Supershow!

Astronauts are used to seeing some pretty amazing sights…comets, asteroids, space stations, the earth from space. Now they can add one more, daylight fireworks! The crew from the Space Shuttle joined crowds in glorious sunshine to detonate a spectacular display marking the end of the annual Portsmouth Festivities. Fantastic Fireworks were called in to create […] Read more

Happy Birthday Rock Star!

It was one of the biggest showbiz parties of the year and Fantastic Fireworks were honoured to be the outdoor entertainment. The event was a special birthday party for one of rock’s most famous and successful artists Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall. A group of wigwams in the garden of a country house in Berkshire marked the spot where many […] Read more

Ice creams all round as fireworks takes second place to football!

The Fantastic Fireworks office is not renowned for its football followers but today it was different. World Cup fever has finally gripped Rocket Park! A TV was rigged up in the office and come the 3pm kick-off a handful of England fans gathered for the crunch match against Slovenia. Not surprisingly the phones fell silent for the following […] Read more