Summer starts here!

It’s been a wet and cold spring but summer is finally on the way with June bustin’ out all over with firework displays! As the leading UK and London firework company Fantastic Fireworks is in the thick of it. The weekend before last we were in Douglas, Isle of Man, to celebrate the end of another exhilarating TT […] Read more

Text technology is a pocket rocket for firework fund-raisers!

As a leading professional fireworks company Fantastic Fireworks are involved in many of the firework displays which raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity every year.  Last weekend we were proud to help the Henley Summer Fireworks in a unique and ground-breaking collaboration. As well as staging an awesome finale to Regatta Week we suggested a hi-tec addition to the […] Read more

Help! I need to organise a fireworks display!

How much does a fireworks display cost? Who is the leading firework company in the UK? Who can I get to help me arrange fireworks for a wedding? These are some of the many questions to which the answer is: Ask Fantastic Fireworks. With more than 26 years’ experience in fireworks there is little we don’t know and still less […] Read more

Fireworks is a dirty business and we intend to clean it up!

Have you ever seen the aftermath of a fireworks display? It’s like the aftermath of a pop concert: a lot of litter. As Michael Lakin of Starlight Design said of his awesome Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Display at Buckingham Palace, ‘what goes up must come down!’  As a leading UK and London firework display company our teams make sure […] Read more

We proudly present The Artist (Part 2)

Listening to those Honda ads in which the creative team are holed away somewhere and allowed to doodle ideas has inspired us to do the same. The Fantastic Fireworks display team were taken off to Barcelona, the city that inspired such figures as Picasso, Miro and Dali, and asked to come up with, well, something a bit different. The […] Read more

After a summer of fireworks stand by for the Prophets of Boom!

Diamond Jubilee fireworks, Olympic fireworks, festival fireworks, regatta fireworks, wedding fireworks, even End of the World party fireworks! Wherever you are in the coming months you’ll never be far from a fireworks display. As the leading UK and London fireworks display company and fireworks display organiser we have thousands of  fireworks to choose from for any occasion.  Our red, white and […] Read more

All fired up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Fireworks display companies will be lighting up villages, towns and cities across the land in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June.  As one of the leading London and UK fireworks display organisers  Fantastic Fireworks has created a brilliant range of patriotic, red, white and blue themed, professionally organised fireworks displays to celebrate this historic occasion. These vary in price from […] Read more

A twinkle in the eye of an old firework favourite

Our annual visit to Liu Yang City, the self-proclaimed firework capital of the world,  produced many new and exciting new effects which we will be putting into our shows next year. Sometimes it’s not a completely new one which catches your eye but an old favourite which has been tweaked. A firework shaped like a […] Read more

Safety is no accident

It has been another thrill-packed fireworks season. November 5th has been and gone and as the last of the Christmas Lights pyrotechnics fade away UK fireworks companies can be proud of staging so many safe and spectacular displays. As the leading fireworks training company our safety record is exemplary. Our fireworks training program enabled us to call on the services of more than 200 […] Read more

Hayley, the Girl Fawkes among the Guys!

With more than 150 displays coming up in the next two weeks, the Fantastic Fireworks teams are all fired up for the premier date of the year. Pyrotechnicians are predominantly male but ranking high among our pool of more than 200 is one of the few females in the business. Hayley Maddin has enjoyed a meteoric rise since arriving three years […] Read more

Raising the roof at Hatfield House

Our biggest fireworks display of the year, and the longest if not the biggest in the country since London New Year’s Eve, lit up the Hertfordshire skyline last weekend.  As one of the leading UK fireworks display companies Fantastic Fireworks was commissioned by Lord Salisbury to mark the 400th anniversary of his majestic stately home Hatfield […] Read more

Eddie Iz back with a bang!

Growing up in the midst of the Sussex Bonfire Societies has turned Eddie Izzard into the big firework fan he is today. Some 30 years on, Eddie, who hails from Bexhill on Sea, has added pyrotechnics to his hilarious comedy routine of madcap philosophy, history and religion.  Following the success of last year’s open air […] Read more