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Double winners of the British Fireworks Championship!

Hold on to your socks. This will blow them off!

Do you want your guests to be totally blown away? Take a look at our latest show and hold on to your socks! To celebrate the relaunch of one of the country’s leading venues, Brocket Hall, in Hertfordshire, we created a stunning climax to the evening’s entertainment. After guests had rolled the dice in the casino, revved up the Ferraris on the drive and quaffed endless glasses of pink champagne it was our turn to rock the joint. We set the show to Celldweller’s remix of Take Down, a dramatic, edge-of-seat thriller by the young British composer Tom Player. For the technically minded the show contained 875 cues (875 individual fireworks), 500 in the last minute, 150 in the last 10 seconds and weighed in at just over half a tonne gross weight.