When you call Fantastic Fireworks you will speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Here is our Who’s Who at FF.

Rino Sampieri
Job title:
Senior Display Manager & Senior Firer
Year Started: 2011
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Working on Drayton Manor Park’s 60th anniversary display, with all the fireworks, flames & lasers it simply blew me away.
Interesting Fact: I proposed to my wife Eva with a firework message which read: Marry me!

David Willsher
Job Title: Operations Manager & Senior Firer
Year Started: 2006
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Going on the company’s yearly fireworks sourcing trip to the Far East and eating donkey hot pot in Beijing!
Interesting Fact: I once got drunk and bought a car on Ebay, couldn’t get insured on it and had to sell it!
Tom Clark
Job Title: Site Manager
Year Started: 2000
Favourite Firework/FF Memory: Being the first company to do pyro for the band “The Darkness”. Before us they were scared and thought they might get hurt by it – we taught them otherwise! After that they used pyro on every one of their shows!
Interesting Fact: I have jumped out of a helicopter on a snowboard!

Matt Tagg
Job Title: Display Manager
Year Started: 2013
Favourite Firework/FF Memory:
Interesting Fact:

Steve Boothman
Job Title: Managing Director Fantastic Fireworks North
Year started: 1999
Favourite Firework Memory: Being given a hotpot at 3o’clock in the morning after a freezing cold, wet and windy Millennium show on the Isle of Man by a very thoughtful client’s wife.
Interesting Fact: I used to be a fairground operator in the south of France!

Jon Culverhouse
Job Title: Founder and Managing Director|
Year started: 1985
Favourite Firework Memory: Launching a mouse in a rocket in 1962 and bringing it safely back to earth!
Interesting Fact: I used to be Editor of the Sun Soccer Annual